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Current Breakfast and Lunch Menus 


School Breakfast Information:

All K - 8th grade students are welcome to participate in our breakfast program everyday!

Serving time is upon arrival at school between 8:30 and 8:50 A.M.

The price is $1.25 paid, $0.25 for reduced or free (if qualified).

*PreK/School Readiness students do not participate in the VES breakfast program.*


School Lunch Information:

All PreK - 8th grade students are welcome to participate in our lunch program everyday!

Serving time is different per grade level (see below for grade level times):

Kindergarten:  11:55-12:25PM

1st-2nd grade:  11:45-12:15PM

3th-4th grade:  12:00-12:30PM

5th-6th grade:  12:35-12:55PM

7th-8th grade:  12:55-12:15PM

The price is $3.00 paid, $.40 reduced or free (if qualified).

*All PreK/School Readiness students receive FREE lunch as part of our School Readiness Grant.*

Prek/School Readiness Lunch Times:

Morning Session:  11:05AM

Afternoon Session:  1:00PM


Milk Prices

Milk is always $0.50.


When sending in lunch money or checks for your K-8 child's lunch account, please identify the student's first and last name with the grade and lunch number.  Thank you!


School Nutrition Program Contacts:


School Nutrition Program Staff:

Free/Reduced Lunch Staff:

Food Service Director: Tom O'Connor

Phone: (860) 376-2325

Email:  TO'

Determining Official:  Alycia M. Trakas

Phone: (860) 376-2325


Food Services Cashier:  Diane Magario

Phone:  (860) 376-2325


Verifying Official:  Amy L. Suffoletto

Phone: (860) 376-2325


Head Cook:  Sue Swabby 

Cook's Assistant:  Kathy Ross

Hearing Official:  Adam S. Burrows

Phone: (860) 376-2325




Current Breakfast and Lunch Menus:

   May 2017 Menus



June 2017 Menus 





VES School Nutrition Program Policy Statement


CSDE Healthy Food Certification


Ideas for Healthy Celebrations in the Classroom


Summmer Meal Locations In Your Community

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