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  Mission Statement  

VES Philosophy, Mission, and Core Beliefs

It is the philosophy of Voluntown Elementary School to promote a positive atmosphere to help students grow academically, socially, and emotionally. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing all students with a productive and enjoyable environment and encourages all students and parents to become allies in this endeavor as they complete graduation requirements and make the transition from elementary to junior high and junior high to high school.

Recognizing that our ultimate goal is to prepare students who will be responsible citizens of a democratic, culturally diverse society, our mission is to educate the whole student, encourage the pursuit of excellence, and foster an enduring love of learning.

Our mission is based on the following beliefs/values:

  • All students need to be valued and respected.
  • All students are at a unique developmental stage and require a safe and nurturing learning environment appropriate to their particular emotional and cognitive needs.
  • A comprehensive academic program must recognize the individual needs, interests, and learning styles of all students.
  • An optimal curriculum addresses all facets of literacy and benchmark standards, teaching basic skills, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills in a variety of disciplines.
  • A cooperative relationship with parents and community is vital in the education of children.


2018-2019 VES Goals

1)  All students will successfully complete rigorous and relevant curriculum that will prepare them for the future.

2)  We are all leaders; we all strive for excellence by our dedication to professional improvement.

3)  We provide a safe and supportive environment for all.

4)  We will empower families and the community to be full partners in students' educational success.


Every Student Matters, Every Moment Counts!

  About The School  

History of Voluntown Schools

Between 1696 and 1732, there were no formal schools in Voluntown.  Though town government was officially organized in 1721, it was several years before a circulating school was organized and a schoolmaster hired at the town’s expense.  In 1735, it was ordered that the school be kept in four places, three months in a place.  The master, John Dunlap, was given thirty pounds (money) and enough meat, drink, washing and lodging for keeping the schools open for eleven months and eighteen days.

The first schoolhouse in town was built in 1737, four rods from the northwest corner of the Line Meeting House. In 1766, there were thirteen official school districts in Voluntown, each under the supervision of a “grand-school committee-man” appointed by the town.  Wylie School was one of those small schools. Throughout the years, the small school districts slowly combined and eventually all students came to Center School, which was located on the present school site.  

In 1953, the original Voluntown Elementary School was dedicated.  Through the years, more rooms were added until the most current renovations were made that brought the school to its present size and Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth grade configuration.