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Welcome to Music! :)

 Music is not what I do, it's who I am.

Sheet music for the Spring Concert for

Concert, Symphonic, and Jazz Band are online.

Please download all necessary parts. 


Important Dates for the 2018-2019 School Year: 

  • NFA Band Day: 
  • ERMS Music Festival Auditions: Saturday, November 3rd 
  • Veterans Day Assembly: Monday, November 12th 
  • Winter Concert: Tuesday, December 11th
  • Pep Rally: TBD
  • ERMS Music Festival Rehearsal & Concert: Friday, March 8th and Saturday, March 9th
  • Talent Show: Wednesday, April 10th @5:30
  • Spring Concert: TBD
  • 8 AM Rehearsals: TBD
  • Graduation:  TBD 
  • NFA Summer Band: (Students entering grades 5-9) TBD 

If you have an instrument (in working condition) kicking around and would like to see someone get use out of it, why not donate it to Voluntown's Music Department! VES currently owns twenty-nine working instruments which are loaned out to students who otherwise would not be able to play in band. Please contact Ms. Knickerbocker if interested. :)



Chorus meets on Wednesdays from 2:30-3:17. Bring a pencil, your folder, and singing voices! :) 

General Music:

  • Junior High: Students are spending trimester three independently studying an instrument of choice. Students can choose to perform on keyboard, guitar, ukulele, recorder, or any specific instrument that the student wants to learn how to play. 

  • Fifth Graders: Using the fundamental skills learned in trimester two, student's are writing compositions on the keyboard in trimester three. Using specific guidelines, students are creating and writing down their individual pieces of music.
  • Fourth Graders: Are spending time working through a detailed music theory packet, in the Music Theory Unit. Students will learn a variety of fundamental skills that will assist in their music education. Skills focused on include: identifying notes in treble and bass clef, time signature, the value of specific notes/rests, counting rhythms, intervals, major/minor, chords, sharps/flats/naturals, and accidentals. 

  • Third Graders: Are in the beginning of a Recorder Unit. Students are working independently, and in groups to learn the skills needed to perform songs on the recorder. Being an instrument made of plastic, this is the perfect age for students to explore instruments without the expensive price tag attached. Students learn to appreciate the instrument, as well as care for it. Students will perform on recorders in the Spring Concert in May.  
  • Second Graders: Students just finished their first compositions, using the pitches Do, Re, Mi, So, and La on the piano. Students are looking forward to beginning our Mallet Madness Unit.

  • First Graders: Students just finished a unit on melody, where they filled in books to understand the relationship between what they hear and what they see in regards to highs and lows in music. Students are looking forward to beginning our Mallet Madness Unit.
  • Kindergarteners: Students just finished a unit on rhythm, where they filled in books to understand the relationship between what they hear and what they see in regards to the length of notes. Students are looking forward to beginning our Mallet Madness Unit.

Instrumental Music:

  • ***Please download and print out copies of the Winter Concert music in the Music Download section of the site. Also print out Pep Band music if needed.
  • Concert Band meets on Mondays at 2:30 and Thursdays (with fourth graders) at 8:50. 
  • Symphonic Band meets on Tuesdays at 8:50 and Fridays at 2:30. 
  • Jazz Band meets on Fridays at 8:50.
  • Fourth Grade Lessons:

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