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Cool Links

Some Great Music Sites!

VES Homepage!

Name that Note!


The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra

Free Metronome!

Use the metronome to play along with. This will assist you in keeping a steady beat by not rushing or slowing down!


The National Association for Music Education homepage!

Music Theory

Online music theory to practice. (This will help!)

Music & Arts Store

This is the store that VES rents instruments through. The closest location is in Waterford. A representative of the store comes to the school weekly.

Horns for Kids

This nonprofit group collects and donates instruments to schools! (This is where we got our drum set in 2008!)

Free African Music

Listen to African music anytime, for free! Click on "Radio Africa" to hear.

Folksong Repository

This site allows you to be a part of history. You can call toll free and sing a folksong to be recorded in the National Repository. The National Children's Folksong Repository collects songs so they won't be lost through the generations.

Sound of Science

This is a great video of how sound is made. It uses a video camera to record the source of the sound. Very cool!!

Musical Notes

An addicting game. Match the pitch in the clef to the keyboard. Three strikes and you're out!

Fun Musical Games

Fun musical games! Play virtual boomwhackers or color pictures plus more!

Piggy Saves the Music

A fun video game where you are piggy and need to save the music by collecting things. You can click on "Fun Stuff" to play more games.