Welcome new families to Voluntown Elementary School! We are excited to meet our new families.

To register your high school student, please contact our central office 8603769167. 

To register your elementary student, please complete the google form for PK-8 Residents. This form is meant to notify us of your intent to register your child.

Here are three options to obtaining a packet:  
* You may download our registration form to view and complete.
* You can also request a packet be mailed to you.
* There are also packets available outside of our main office for your convenience that can be picked-up any time.    

 PK-8 Resident Intent to Register 

K-8 Registration Checklist

PK Registration Checklist

K-8 Registration Packet 

Preschool Packet 

F/R Lunch Letter   
F/R Lunch Application *Required with Preschool Application*
(K-8 Students will receive a printed copy of the lunch application this at the beginning of the year). If you receive SNAP or Medicaid and are directly certified, you do not need to complete an application. 

Once our office resumes 8/13, for K-8th grade registrations you are welcome to contact our office to set-up a time to enroll. Please contact our office if you would like to tour with your Kindergarten through 8th grade student.

Preschool registration is on 8/13 by appointment. Click here:  PREK Registration Sign Up Preschool tours will be forthcoming.  State orders regarding masks and distancing apply. 

Preschool non-residents who are interested in our preschool program can be added to our non-resident list. 
Preschool Non-Residents List Form 
Preschool Non-Resident Informational Flyer 

Transferring Records to Voluntown: Complete and provide to your chid's current school.  
Transfer Form
Special Services Records Request

Withdraw from Voluntown Elementary School: Complete and return to VES. 
Withdraw Form

: For information regarding homeschooling, visit:

If you intend to homeschool your child, a letter of intent must be mailed to:

Superintendent of Schools
195 Main St. PO Box 129
Voluntown, CT 06384