Remote Learning Information

Weather Related Closing (Remote Day due to SNOW, WIND, ICE or other)
1. Remote Weather Day Schedule
2. Remote Activities to use for no power or internet. (teacher or student)

In-Person Remote/DistanceLearning for Short Term:

1. Students who attend in-person who are home due to an extended illness, quarantine, or their family wishes for them to remain home for 4-14 days will be provided work and guidance from our classroom teachers on specifics for learning at home.
2. Students who are home for LESS than 3 days will be provided work upon return unless their teacher is able to do otherwise.    See below
Absent short term:
In-person schedule due to short or long term closure

Remote Learning Track for Long Term:
1. Students and families who are choosing to learn at home for a time greater than 2 weeks have committed to the remote learning track. These families have selected this option for their student with the anticipation that it is for a length of at least 4-6 weeks or more. 
Any movement to remote learning or to in-person must be communicated to the front office.
Students in the remote learning track are provided instruction in Math and ELA with a remote learning teacher. Other subject areas are provided through Google Classroom, SeeSaw or other means. It is important to note that education at home in the remote learning track is shared between teacher and parent. ** Note this information may change as needed or directed **
Mrs. Toula Wyland, PK-2 Remote Learning Teacher
Mrs. Andrea Kelly, 3, 5-8 Remote Learning Teacher
Remote Learning Daily Schedules:
Preschool Kindergarten Grade 1 Grade 2
Grades K-8 Complete Schedule & Early Dismissal