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General Homework Info. 

Grade 5/6 Homework Information



Students are expected to read every night for at least 20 minutes.  We will talk more about this requirement in class and the importance of reading at home.  We will also discuss ways to find time to read.


Although students are required to read at home every night, any written work will generally be accomplished during class time. The exception is that periodically (usually every two weeks), students will be asked to respond to their independent reading in a journal.  This will generally be assigned on a Monday, and students may complete this assignment any day of the week that is convenient for them, but it is due no later than Friday.  There may also be times when students have a short written assignment in conjunction with our current lesson objectives, OR they may be asked to complete a nightly reading log if I feel that students need help getting back on track with their independent reading.  However, I would rather have them spend the time at home actually reading instead of filling out a log.


Students will keep a different kind of log in their binder to record the books they are reading, including such information as the date started, completed, genre, etc.  I have challenged students to vary the genres they read, and to try to read at least one book from each genre we have discussed.


IMPORTANT:  Students must remember to bring the book they are reading to school AND class with them every day as we will also have time in class to read.  This is considered part of their nightly homework and will be recorded as a grade.  I will be monitoring their independent reading by periodically conducting a quick "status of the class" roll call.  Grade 6 students are already familiar with this.



The majority of student writing will be accomplished during class time.  Any homework assigned will be based on reinforcing specific lesson objectives.  Students will have numerous opportunities to write narrative, informational, and argument (opinion) pieces this year.