Digital Learning Tech FAQs

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What should a family do if they do not have enough devices for their children? 

Chromebook Loaner Request

How do I connect my child's Chromebook to our wifi?

What is and how do I navigate Google Classroom?

Is there an application that can read to my child?

Is there an application that my child can use to turn his/her voice into text?

Voice to Text

Windows 10


Voice to text in Chrome

Windows 10


Voice to text in Chrome




Text to Speech Windows 10

Windows 8


ReadAlound - Extensions for Chrome

ReadAlound - Extensions for Firefox

To connect chromebook to home wireless network

image of wireless network
When you start the Chromebook up it should display a screen that says network not available and have a list of available networks. Click on the name of your Wi-Fi network.
image of network connection on chromebook


Parent Guide to Google Classroom

VES staff realize that students in a family may have to share devices to do their work, The district has established a process for families to pick-up a loaner device.